About Us


BP Safaris, operates hand in hand with various landowners, giving “you” the client the guarantee to quality trophies, Buffalo being our ultimate speciality. 

We have the opportunity to hunt on more than 100 000 acres.

We are based in Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Using various concessions, we are able to create a unique individual, ULTIMATE Safari.

With our experience, we can PROUDLY say, we use top lodges offering great food, with vast variety of species, with minimum travelling between concessions.


Our Hunting Areas

hunting areas


  • We always employ strict ethical hunting practices.
  • A total commitment to the environment, conservation, and ecological sustainability.
  • Employing professional, highly skilled, and experienced personnel.
  • We practice the highest standards of safety, excellent accommodation and good service.
  • Best quality trophies are available on all our concessions.


Is the Outfitter, Owner and Professional Hunter, at BP SAFARIS.

He can offer you an unrivalled Safari experience.

Awie was born on the 13th August 1958, with a passion for hunting from a young age.

He shot his first Duiker at the age of 8.  At 9 he shot his first Kudu with a .303 open site rifle.

After school he studied electronic engineering and worked on the Radar system for the S.A.A.F.

Whilst working, he pursued his dream of becoming a Professional Hunter, he qualified in 1989, working as a PH for various other outfitters.

In 2020 Awie registered as an Outfitter and was legally registered as a company.